Ariadna Cymet Lanski, Psy.D.

Choosing A Therapist


Choosing the Right Therapist


A good fit between therapist and client is essential in forming an effective working relationship. The only way to determine that two people can work together is to meet. I encourage you to shop around until you find the right connection. If your first visit does not feel like a good fit, I can help you find someone who is.


It is best to schedule a brief telephone consultation (20-25 minutes) to help assess your needs and give you the opportunity to ask questions and determine if the treatment approach and therapeutic relationship might be a good fit for you. The therapeutic relationship is an important part of treatment and it is essential that we feel comfortable working together. The initial consultation can take place either by phone or in person. There is no charge for the initial consultation.


You may schedule a consultation by contacting me at the following number: (312) 320-4837


How do I know if I found the right therapist?


 Trust your gut feeling. A gut feeling is usually correct.


 You feel like the therapist is interested in you and understand why you came to therapy.


 You feel comfortable in the presence of the therapist and the person seems trustworthy.


 Therapist is able and willing to explain his/her approach to therapy.


You should keep looking if:


 You do not feel comfortable.


 You do not feel even a little bit better after leaving the office.


 You do not feel understood.


 Therapist wants to set different goals in therapy than the ones to which you are interested in achieving.