Ariadna Cymet Lanski, Psy.D.


Pregnancy Support


Pregnancy - A time of paradox


For many, pregnancy is a happy, glowing experience, but it is a myth that this is true for everyone. Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent are times of great transition. Major hormonal and physical changes occur during pregnancy, and responsibilities and uncertainties multiply. Many women (and men) experience stress reactions during pregnancy and/or following a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. It can also be confusing that normal pregnancy experiences such as fatigue, appetite changes, and poor sleep are similar to depressive symptoms. It is important not to assume that these symptoms are just part of pregnancy.


In my work related to pregnancy issues, I help women by addressing the various issues that arise during the thrilling but frightening process of conception, birth and parenthood.


 A woman undergoing fertility treatment faces many emotional and physical challenges and may experience:

- loss of control
- stress
- frustration
- feelings of failure


 Before, during and after birth, the body undergoes profound hormonal shifts which consequently can trigger major emotional shifts.


 Pregnancy and new motherhood are times of change, both physical and emotional. While exciting, the anticipation and experience of these changes can often be the source of much stress. Sometimes the physical changes that occur in the process of becoming a parent raise question and fears about:

- identity
- coping
- relationships

- and more.


 A pregnant woman's developing body will have a direct influence on how she thinks and feels. Not all pregnant women "glow" or have a neat little bump, any many feel alien to their normal sense of self.


 Feeling a lack of control over the body prior to and during pregnancy can continue into the birthing process and beyond. Women may experience concerns about how their bodies will cope.


I would like to help you gain the confidence and self comfort that will initiate positive change.