Ariadna Cymet Lanski, Psy.D.



If you and your partner are undergoing fertility diagnosis or treatments, or if you have been unsuccessful with conception, you are probably going through a rollercoaster of emotions. From anger to relief, happiness to sadness, this multitude of emotion can sometimes be challenging to understand and deal with. Infertility is often a lonely and confusing battle, but not one that has to be fought alone.


There are a number issues that you may need to confront during your infertility treatment and the stress of coping with infertility. These may include:


 The inability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy affects individuals and couples in myriad ways. The "infertility experience" often invades every aspect of individuals' and couples' intimate lives. In addition, you may feel shame, doubt, anger, as well as guilt about your difficulty having a child. Fertility struggles often produce a considerable drain on one's resources (e.g., time, financial, spiritual energy). Finally, relationships with friends, family and professional colleagues may also be impacted.

 Individuals and couples faced with fertility struggles endure repeated "invisible losses" which often are not recognized in our society. Psychological support to face these challenges helps to normalize and externalize this difficult experience.

 Professional counseling may help you to cope more effectively with feelings of confusion, disappointment, depression, helplessness, failure, hopelessness or other emotions that arise as a result of your experience in addressing fertility issues.


There are also a number of decisions that you might need to confront during infertility treatment. Including:

 How long should I continue treatment?

 How do I talk to my partner about my feelings regarding coping with infertility?

 What do I tell my friends, family, and co-workers about my infertility?

 What treatment makes the most sense for me, considering my personal and financial resources?

 Should I use an egg donor or a sperm donor?

 What are the psychological issues involved in egg or sperm donation?

 What do I tell my child about how he or she was conceived?

 Should I consider child-free living?

 Is adoption for me?

 How do I handle all of my emotions?


Dr. Cymet Lanski can help you deal with these questions and meet these challenges of coping with infertility.